Web Design

A website is not optional, nor is it static. The days of the online brochure that once built never changes are over.  Todays websites are dynamic, fluid  and constantly changing and updating. They serve as advertisements and marketing pieces that are imperative to every business no matter how large or small.

Ok, all of that is great, but cut to the chase! What's it going to cost and what kind of budget is required?


Have a domain name? (your-company.com)

Great! Step one is done.

Need a domain name? Need to know the choices and what is the best one and why?

Then the Research (up to one hour) and five year Registration is $150.00

Need website hosting?

We recommend all of our clients use a user level hosting company like GoDaddy. That way you’re covered for support.  We will happily set up your accounts and hosting or transfer your domain if desired. Starting at $150.00

Want google.com and other search engines to pay attention?

Then Optimization starts at $550 and up ...

Want Fast? Want Cheap? Want Quality? You can have all three, though not at the same time!

Your website won't be done by morning. It isn't cheap. Only quality results are delivered. We believe in long term relationships and constant updates and adjustments to deliver results.

Want service and attention to detail?

That is what we do.

Want custom design?

Good, as you won't find any template usage here! Prices start at $2500.00 and up ...

Want to compare prices?

Be our guest —  you will always find cheaper. We have proven over and over though that experience is priceless.

Will cheaper be as good, and will it be what you want?

As any knowledgeable consumer knows — buyer beware. There are always great guys out there giving good work away below market value, but they are few and far between. For the most part though what you get is what you pay for.

Still want it done this week?

Sorry, that won't happen.

Want honesty, talent and integrity?

Then you've arrived at the right place.

We will be happy to provide you with a quote for your custom website.  All sites are designed in Adobe Dreamweaver which is industry standard. While we find that most clients like us to administer their site and make updates, all of our sites can be administered by our clients or by third party providers.

Contact us now for a custom quotation.

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